Why we work together?

we work for improve the public health

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Frank L. Christensen
Trained old School chiropractor, acupuncturist, he studied microbiology in Canada and have excellent know how within the chiropractic field in Asia
This knowledge lead to that Frank developed a new advance psychological treatment system, called “Neuropractic”.
Is resetting the brain’s normal way of handling any physical issues! by removing disturbance in the communication between the brain and body, so that the body can heal naturally without the use of any dangerous drugs or unnecessary surgery
Frank are also a popular Lecturer, a opportunistic opinion leader and finally a groundbreaking product developer!
Frank has a spiritual approach to the universe and its possibilities, and many ideas and knowledge come from a greater universal consciousness and personal spiritual events.

The ability to navigate

QUR4 want to increase people’s ability to navigate within the many health options, and filling the missing link between good options, good products and the end user’s knowledge about how to prioritize compared to exactly their own situation, and know were to turn for most and precise health solutions for less resources. 

QUR4´s essentiel key is education. Knowledge is the best way to take care of oneself and one’s family. 

QUR4 Coaches are qualified, trained and updated with latest science and possibilities within health, and are meant to be your trusted advisor between establish traditional medical care, alternative offers and your own options to take actions and responsibility for your own situation.

Our Vision, Mission and values

Our Mission

The aim is to make the customers understand their situation and what they need to do for achieve the maximum health result.

Our Vision 

To Change the basic idea of health, educate people, writing a manual for the human body, and by that change the whole paradigme of what can be done and who is in control.

Our Values

We believe in building trust, honesty and life long relationships with both our end users and partners.

Two decades of experience, helped us make you to laugh.

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